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Filling the gaps in IT and IT Security where needed

There is a wealth of knowledge to share with over 30 years in Information Security, Information Technology, and Information Warfare. We feel that we have what it takes to handle pretty much any data project within your environment.

We have worked in environments from startups to fortune 100's. Spent countless hours as security experts, operations staff, and system administrators.

Regardless of the task at hand, we have the creativity and wisdom to get the job accomplished. We don't sell any products or software and don't have relationships with vendors. Therefore, we use what we independently pick that will best suit the customer's needs.

Essentially, any task, from start to finish and then we can even handle the ongoing maintenance.

Startup? We can help. If you're a startup company in need of IT infrastructure and security, we can provide the knowledge and resources you need so that you can focus on developing your core business. Learn how we can help startups

Pricing starts at $125/hr and charged to the nearest 15 minutes.

New Managed Service

Cloudflare Implementation and Management

Cloudflare offers some of the most advanced CDN, WAF, and other capabilities to secure and enhance your website.

The cost for setup and management is $125/hr. The customer is responsible for the actual cost of Cloudflare.

***Just recently, we implemented Cloudflare for a fortune 500 that was under a denial of service attack. The total implementation time was less than one day. Their site is totally operational and operating at a more efficient rate than prior to the attack. This attack was against the logic of the site. The Web Application Firewall that Cloudflare offers took care of the attack in this situation. We were able to properly identify the rules and put them in place without interrupting valid users of the site.

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