Internet of Things (IoT) Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) isn't anything new. I first started working with the concept and devices back in 2008. The one thing that is new is how Security has taken a front row seat in the conversation of IoT. Talks are being held at all levels from the Security Industry to the US Government on what to do, and most important, who is responsible for the security of IoT devices.

No matter what is decided, as far as who is responsible for IoT security, it only makes sense that the individual placing the device on the Internet or internal network is responsible. Responsible for what you might ask? They are responsible for not causing harm to others on the Internet as well as they are responsible for the security of their own network.

That being said, what does an individual or corporation do about this? First, if you're unsure or call me and we can assist you in your deployment of IoT device(s). However here are some items that you should be doing to secure your IoT devices:

Finally, you should make sure that all of the IoT devices are patched with the most recent firmware.

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