HIPAA Compliance

How is your business doing in regards to HIPAA compliance?

Aug 02, 2017


HIPAA is like so many other compliance initiatives where companies perform what's required, check all the boxes, and move on with their everyday business. I find that a lot of companies maybe setup a program and did the initial investment to become compliant but many have slipped since and are no longer doing what they should. The truth is that we should be doing so much more than just complying with HIPAA.

Some recent news articles point out issues with maintaining a secure environment for healthcare data:

Some things to think about:

If you feel like you should be doing more, then maybe it's time for a 3rd party to come in and take a look. AgileSecOps can assist in performing a gap analysis of your HIPAA compliance and of your operational environment. Call or email us today so we can discuss next steps.