Small and Medium Business

Regardless of their size, businesses today are permeated by technology, and it’s often the case that they do not have the internal resources required to stay on top of upcoming trends, required IT standards, or the latest security vulnerabilities and risks. By partnering with AgileSecOps, these organizations can expand their internal IT teams to include engineers who will gain a deep understanding of the client’s business and provide them with technical leadership in several key areas:

System Visibility

One challenge that organizations face is how to gain visibility into their IT systems and resources. Many times, businesses want to see the status of their technical resources from multiple perspectives. They need to know whether their web sites are vulnerable, what risks are inherent in their applications, and how well their internal IT systems are architected and operating. AgileSecOps has the expertise to give clients the IT visibility they need to make strategic and tactical decisions.

Server Vulnerability

Companies with servers that are accessible through the Internet can be vulnerable to attacks by malicious users. AgileSecOps can provide clients with peace of mind about the security of such servers by performing external vulnerability assessments to pinpoint specific risks and identifying how to best protect their systems.

Software Security

Companies that are in the technology business, particularly those that develop their own software for either internal or commercial use, often come to AgileSecOps to get an external perspective on the security or performance of these tools. AgileSecOps will take an objective look at the software using industry best practices and standards, and will make recommendations about how to effectively and practically improve the security and performance of the architecture.

These projects, in conjunction with an internal security assessment, can give an organization a cohesive look at its existing IT posture. Understanding security from within the organization is key, as it can help businesses fortify themselves from the inside, dramatically strengthening their overall security position.

Employee Education

Workers may not know how to avoid phishing and other types of attacks. Investing in regular security training is a great way to prevent attacks.

Beware of Ransomware

The U.S. is consistently one of the most phished nations, and phishing can lead to ransomware. AgileSecOps can assist in creating a layered defense by implementing strong backup and business continuity plans.