Hackers snatch 5.5 million social security numbers

July 24, 2017

"Hackers have lifted not only the social security numbers and personal information of half a million job seekers in Kansas – but also records on more than five million people from nine other US states." According to The Register.


The sad part about it is the server wasn't taken offline for two days after they noticed the breach. Additionally, since Kansas has no official data breach notification laws, and they also claim not to have enough information to contact every individual, they have only sent out 260,000 emails to victims.

The compromised database belonged to the Kansas Department of Commerce and was setup as a job search database. This is where people could upload their information and potential employers could peruse it for their next employee. The service serviced other states to include: Arkansas, Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Oklahoma, Vermont, Alabama, and Illinois.